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Find Balance for Your Sport or Activity for Improved Performance and Health. “Nature knows No Right or Wrong, Only Balance and Imbalance”

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Our Mission is to Certify Wright Balance Professionals to Teach Balance / Symmetry & Pain Management while increasing freedom of Motion & decreasing Injury in Multiple Sports & Applications

Club Fitting By Core Region (France)

Wright Balance Professional, John Lawson has a club fitting and teaching studio in Paris, France.  He describes in this video the differences in fitting a player’s clubs by Core Region. John Lawson Gears Overview on Club Fitting by Core Region

Larry Rinker Golf Live, Talking about Wright Balance Technology

Join us on Wednesday Facebook Live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live with Doc Wright and Laurie Rinker talking about Wright Balance Technology. Larry Rinker Golf Live on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 4:30-5:30 PM EST.

Wright Balance France

This article appeared in France this Month (April, 2020).  It was written by Wright Balance Professional Julian Desnus.  You really don’t need to be able to read French to understand this article if you are at all familiar With Right Balance.  To see this article, click on the link below the photo illustration. Click on […]

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Wright Balance® Brain of Trust


Dr. David Wright

Dr. Wright holds two doctorates. His areas of specialization are research, learning & psychophysiology. He was a full time member of the faculty of the University of Southern California School of Medicine for 4 years and a member of the clinical faculty for over 25 years. He has been a Class A PGA Professional since 1992.
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Dr. Frank Jobe, MD

Dr. Jobe was co-founder of the Kerlan-Jobe Sports Medicine Orthopedic Group. He is best known for the “Tommy John” surgery. Tommy John was a MLB pitcher who reaped the benifits of Dr. Jobes’ first surgery followed by thousands of athletes.
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James M. Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Smith has been a research physicist for over 30 years, receiving a variety of professional awards. He has a Doctorate in Experimental Physics and he completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biophysics.
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Michael Mellman, MD

Dr. Mellman and Dr. Wright worked closely together for 2 years prior to beginning the Wright Balance® study laying the foundation for all phases of the research. In particular, Dr. Mellman brought the “Carrying” or “Power Angle” to the research setting.
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Robert Watkins, MD

Dr. Watkins is a Spine Surgeon who has treated numerous professional athletes. He is the Spine Surgeon / Consultant to the PGA Tour and University of Southern California athletics.
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