Why become a Wright Balance® Professional?

Proof of Concept: No matter what you are doing for instruction or training you should always request proof of concept.  What does that mean?  If, for example you are taking a lesson or working with a trainer or Physical Therapist in an exercise program, ask for “proof” of what you are being asked to do in some measurement form.  When you do the Wright Balance® measurements, the proof of concept is presented in every phase of the training.   There is proof of concept in absolutely every step of the Wright Balance programs presented in some measurement form.

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If you look in a mirror, you will see that one shoulder is lower. Place your thumbs on your hips with your fingers pointed toward your backside.  Notice that one hip is higher than the other, generally on the same side as the shoulder is lower.   This observation shows that your spine alignment to your pelvis is at an angle.  This misalignment impacts your ability to move and sets up a Core scenario for pain and discomfort with repeated motion in any activity.

Next, place your thumbs on your hips again and take a step forward.  You will notice that your pelvis rotates with every step you take.  If you walk, run, ride a bike, etc, this pelvic motion creates “drag” due to the inefficient movement of your lower core in routine activities.  If you are an athlete in competition, this drag will contribute to core imbalances that ultimately lead to injury.

As you look in a mirror, notice that one hand is internally rotated more than the other.  The hand that has the greatest internal rotation generally means that your pelvis is rotated in that same direction.  Also note that when you change stance width, the orientation of your hands changes with more or less rotation.  As you bend over letting your arms hang toward the ground you will note that the internal rotation of your hands becomes greater the closer your hands are to the floor.

If you relax your arms and shoulders and bend  forward as though you were picking up a child, box or any object, you will note an internal rotation of one hand and a rotation of your upper core left or right.  All of these Core Imbalances result in inefficient move and contribute to injury.

Following the Wright Balance® Express and Optimization Exercises in Level 2, when done in each of the 9 Stance Widths from your measurement results, you will note that your hips and shoulders are level.  This means that the orientation of your spine and pelvis will be aligned minimizing wear and tear on the soft tissue of your Core and slowly eliminate soreness and pain created by these imbalances.

After the Wright Balance® Express and Optimization exercises, when you place your hands on your hips and step forward or back, there is no Pelvic Rotation.  You have eliminated “drag” in your movement whether you are a sprinter, cyclist or casually walking.

If you bend forward as though you are picking up a child or a box, you will note that you have eliminated torso and arm rotation and your hands will hang the same in all stance widths. Your legs and Core will now provide maximum support when lifting.

After a few days of the Wright Balance® Express exercise, these change will remain for 12 to 24 hours. and you will experience begin to experience relief of soft tissue pain and increased mobility within a few days of the Wright Balance® Core Optimization Exercises.

The Wright Balance® Online Certifications will provide you with a “Grounding” in the following:

You will learn how to measure and input body measurements for Stance Width using the Wright Balance® Software and algorithm developed from over 25 years of research.

If you are a Physician, Physical Therapist, Trainer, Coach, Gerontologist, Military, Police or Training Camp Conditioning / Strength Coach or Teacher:

  • Absolutely everything you will learn impacts Balance
  • Your Student’s Improvement is Immediate
  • The Technology is grounded in 25 plus years of research
  • The Delivery mechanism is simple & convenient
  • For individual Sports, there is a Clarity of Fundamentals for each player
  • The Measurement System followed by the Wright Balance® Optimization Exercises places everyone in the best positions for success.
  • The Application of the Wright Balance® Optimization Balance Fundamentals Reduces stress on the body and reduces the risk of injury
  • There are significant Long Term Health Benefits with the Wright Balance® Optimization Exercises
  • Posture will improve with extended compliance with the Wright Balance Optimization Exercise Programs
  • The Technology is grounded in nature’s laws

(Note: Level 1 Certification will guide you through how to do the measurements and use of the Wright Balance APP.  You will receive the measurement tools (hip bar for measurement of pelvic rotation, lined vinyl mat for measurement reference and alignment training and a body measurement tool) by mail upon registration for Level 1 Certification.  Level 2 Certification will walk you through the Core Isometric Exercise Programs using the 9 Core Region Stance Widths you will adapt to different sports or activities as you choose.  For example, Golf Teachers will use multiple isometric exercise programs to square their students hips at address, aim the club face precisely on line, set posture and create level hips and shoulders and much more.  Subsequent Certifications are sport specific.  Please know that Level 1 and 2 are the foundation of all certifications and they are prerequisites for the advanced Certification Levels)


If you are a Golf Professional,  in addition to the above

  • Your Students will pick up 1/2 to a full club in distance
  • Your Students will know what Stance Widths to use with every club.  That Stance Wdith will recruit from the desired Core Region
  • Your Students will learn the placement of the club in their left and right hands to match their Stance Widths
  • When the setup is practiced at home, there is no need to focus on mechanics during the swing in practice or play
  • There is no one swing method. The swing is determined based upon body measurements, what is natural to your students and within their capabilities

If you are a Baseball or Softball Coach, in addition to the above

  • Following the Wright Balance® Core Optimization Exercises, there is an Elimination of Bat Roll.
  • Your players ability to move in all directions, whether running the base paths or fielding, is unrestricted by Core Asymmetry
  • Vision and balance are tied intimately together.  When hitters are in balance, their perception of the ball in space is accurate.  The “Proof of Concept” is an easy test to complete with a line of baseballs.  The “Proof of Concept has been demonstrated by Wright Balance with numerous MLB players over the past 10 years from Omar Vizquel to Mike Lamb.

If you are a Track, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Strength Coach or similar Sport Coach, there is a freedom of  movement laterally, forward, back and vertically and maximum strength in all Stance Widths with total body Symmetry following the Wright Balance® Core Optimization Exercises, Level 2 Training.

You are about to join an elite group of professionals.  Please read and study the Level 1 EBooks.  Upon Completion, you will be asked to complete a multiple choice exam.  You will have 3 opportunities to pass the Level 1 exam.

Upon successful completion of Level 1 you will receive a Certificate, an Email Badge and a Payment Code for unlimited use of the Wright Balance® System for the following 2 months.  Please be certain to complete your profile with your Longitude and Latitude Coordinates and you will be listed on the Wright Balance Professional locator map.

Included in the initial course fee and shipped to you following your Registration is the following:

Lined Mat = $45
Bar and Bungee = $25
Measurement Tool  = $60

2 Months of Unlimited Use= $60

Value Total From Products list: $190

Please note that there are no refunds for your registration to Proceed with any Level of Certification.  Please consider your expected use of the Wright Balance Measurement System prior to registration.  If you are using our measurement system for personal use, please be certain to cancel your continued use prior to the 3rd month following your registration.

Continued Use Following 2 Months of Unlimited Use

After 2 months, your credit card will be automatically billed monthly for the sum of $30 for unlimited use of the Wright Balance Measurement System for the first year.

You may terminate your use of the Wright Balance® System at any time.  If you have used the Wright Balance System  personally and / or for family and friends and you have no plans to continue use of our measurement system, please be certain to cancel your continued use before the automatic monthly charges begin after 2 months of use.  If your credit card is charged for any one month, there will be no refunds.  Again, please note that there are no refunds for your registration to Proceed with any Level of Certification.

After the 2 months of free access and measurement of as many people as you wish, you may cancel without further obligation.  If your credit card is billed due to your failure to cancel, there is no refund.  Your cancellation will apply to the following month.

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