Michael Mellman, MD

Dr. Mellman has been the team Physician for the Los Angeles Rams, Kings, Dodgers and Lakers. He has championship rings with each of these teams. He is currently still with the NHL LA Kings.

Dr. Mellman and Dr. Wright worked closely together for 2 years prior to beginning the Wright Balance® study laying the foundation for all phases of the research. In particular, Dr. Mellman brought the “Carrying” or “Power Angle” to the research setting. This angle has been significant in subsequent research in everything from Grip to Range of Motion to Power to Symmetry across multiple sports. This photo was taken of the measurement of the “Carrying Angle” during the original research in Dr. Jobe’s Lab.

Dr. Mellman was present every day of the research in the Biomechanics lab during the 4 year project. This project would not have been possible without his direct involvement at every phase from planning to execution. The photo below shows Dr. Mellman after making a setup correction consistent with the research protocol.