Robert Watkins, MD

Dr. Watkins is a Spine Surgeon who has treated numerous professional athletes. He is the Spine Surgeon / Consultant to the PGA Tour and University of Southern California athletics. He did NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning’s neck surgeries and back surgery for NBA’s Dwight Howard & NFL’s Rob Gronkowski. Other clients include Troy Aikman, Wayne Gretzky, Don Mattingly, Joe Montana, and many more.

Dr. Watkins developed what he referred to as Trunk Stabilization 30 plus years ago. He prescribes this 30 to 45 minute back exercise program for his patients both before and after surgery. Many consider Dr. Watkins the ”Father of Core Training”. This exercise program was one part of the biomechanics lab Balance research protocols.

This is a photo illustration of from the original Wright Balance® study testing Dr. Watkin’s Core Exercise.