Creating Core Symmetry for Maximum Range of Motion

Creating Core Symmetry for Maximum Range of Motion


If you look in a mirror you will notice that one shoulder is lower than the other.  If you place your thumbs on your hips, you will notice that one hip is higher than the other, generally on the same side that is lower.  Add knee flex and you will notice that one knee extends out further than the other indicating a rotation of your pelvis.  If you place your hands on your hips and take a step forward you will notice that your hips rotate left or right with each step.  If you attempt to move laterally, you will notice restriction on one side.  If you start to squat, you will notice a rotation of your pelvis and difficulty squatting.  All of these factors represent “drag” as you attempt movement in any direction.   Notice any body stiffness and aches and pains?  You will experience changes in all of these areas following the Wright Balance® Express Exercises.  Peripheral Back Pain is often resolved with the Wright Balance® Core Optimization Exercises as well.


All restrictions are eliminated through the Wright Balance® Express.  Peripheral Pain and stiffness is resolved with the 4 to 5 minute Wright Balance® Core Optimization Exercises.  The results of the Wright Balance® Express Optimization will last 8 to 12 hours after the  first 2 days of exercise and 12 to 24 hours after 3 to  4 days of the exercise.  No matter what your profession, the Wright Balance® Express Optimization will increase performance, decrease pain, increase mobility, prevent injuries, improve Posture and overall balance.

NOTE:  There are 3 Types of Wright Balance® Exercises, all part of this Level 2 Certification.  It is important that you understand each before teaching them.  Please be sure to do these exercises yourself.  There is no better “Proof” than the changes you will experience when measured before and after the exercise using Planes of Motion as your measurement tool.

Please remember, the foundation of all of the Wright Balance® Exercises in all activities and pain management is the 9 Stance Widths you determined from the original body measurements.



Fibonacci and Wright Balance®Stance Widths (Lesson 1)
Fast Track to the Wright Balance® Core Optimization Exercises (Lesson 2)
Core Optimization and Points of Balance by Core Region (Lesson 3)
Measuring the Planes of Motion (Lesson 4)
Wright Balance® Optimization Exercises for Pain Management & Mobility (Lesson 5)
The Wright Balance Express: A Core Stability Exercise (Lesson 6)
Jaw Symmetry (Lesson 7)
Core Memory, Breathing & Exercise (Lesson 8)
Exercise Results (Lesson 9)
Functional Assessment (Lesson 10)
Tensegrity: The Bio-Mechanism of Change (Lesson 11)
Wright Balance® Advances

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