Dr. David Wright

Dr. Wright holds two doctorates. His areas of specialization are research, learning & psychophysiology. He was a full time member of the faculty of the University of Southern California School of Medicine for 4 years and a member of the clinical faculty for over 25 years. He has been a Class A PGA Professional since 1992.

Dr. Wright was inducted into the California PGA Teacher’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

He did the research design, wrote the protocols and ran the balance of the study with Dr. Mellman for the duration of the project.

Each of the research subjects had 40 light sensors on their body and 1000 force sensors in each shoe. The entire study was about balance in 75 set up positions from Stance Width to head position and 20 swings with 4 different grip sizes. There were also separate protocols for vision assessment and balance and an exercise to determine the impact on balance in a standing posture.