• 9 core region image – PVC Board

    Wright Balance Professionals use the 9 core region PVC board as a visual teaching aide. The 9 core regions are highlighted in Red, Black and Blue.

  • Aimpost & Magnet

  • Body Measurement Tool

    This item is used by Certified Wright Balance Professionals for body measurements to determine Stance Widths and the 9 Core Regions for Evaluation & Exercise.

  • Card Clip – Clubface Indicator (3 per order)

    When placed on the club shaft, this clip provides visual feedback on the orientation of the clubface. It is used to teach the placement of the hands on the club with a square face. Then it is used to “read” the entire setup. When the setup is not with symmetry, the Card Clip will show an open or closed clubface.

  • Card Clip with Cards and Level

  • Digital Calipers

    Digital calipers are used to measure grip size in testing for the Correct size

  • Digital Protractor

    This tool is used to measure the “Carrying Angle” aka: The Power Angle. The Power Angle shows up in 10 to 15 positions at address and repeats throughout the swing. It is the Angle of Power at the top of the swing when Stance Width, Grip, Posture and sequencing of Motion match the Playing Core Region.The trail arm delivery changes with exercise by 4 degrees in the Dominant Core Region.  The digital protractor is used to measure the external shoulder rotation which determines the trail arm delivery.

  • Hand Measurement Cards (Set of 5)

    All fitters must have hand measurement cards in order to do Grip Sizing for their students. The hand measurement cards only work with Wright Balance Technology.