Wright Balance Fitters

Wright Balance Fitters

  • Paper Yardsticks

    Paper yardsticks used in Wright Balance fittings.
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  • Plastic Cards (20 pt.) – 250 ct.

    aThe plastic cards are a great visual aide when used properly with the card-clip-tool. We can also customize these into personal business cards.
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  • Putter Aim Triangle

    The putting triangle is used by fitters to show Putter Face Aim at address. There are so many Balance factors that go into Putter Aim. The putting triangle provides immediate feedback on changes in Setup, balance and aim.
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  • SEMINAR: Naples, Florida April 24 – 25, 2022

    The DOCs are IN Join us for a world class, two full-day educational event for teaching professionals seeking to expand their coaching knowledge from two Top PGA Teaching Professionals, Dr. Jim Suttie and Dr. David Wright.   Earn 16 MSRs for this great learning experience.  Dr Jim Suttie will cover matching swing elements and how to give a lesson.  Dr David Wright will cover the biomechanical measurements of the Wright Balance Fitting system used by golf professionals, trainers and physicians in 15 countries including the US, China, South Korea, France, the UK, and Germany.   Faculty
    • Dr Jim Suttie completed his M.A. in Biomechanics from Northern Illinois University in 1970 and his Doctorate in Biomechanics in 1983 from Middle Tennessee University. He was named 2000 PGA National Teacher of the Year, a Golf Digest Best 50 Teacher since that ranking was established and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.  Suttie has authored multiple books on golf instruction.  His lesson tee has been frequented by numerous PGA / LPGA Tour Players over the years.
    • Dr David Wright was inducted into the California PGA Teaching Hall of Fame in 2004.  He was named a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher 2003 -2021. His golf schools were named #1 in the US in 2008 by Golf Magazine.  He holds 2 doctorates and taught full time for 4 years at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. He was a member of the USC clinical faculty for 25 years.  Dr. Wright did 4 years of research on balance in Dr. Frank Jobe’s biomechanics lab at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles.    He travels worldwide certifying professionals in biomechanical measurements for balance as related to Core, set up, swing, pain management and mobility.
    Learn how to harness the power of Balance, Core Symmetry and Matching Swing Elements to help your students improve faster and take the guess work out your golf instruction.
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  • Vinyl mat

    Blue Vinyl Mat
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